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Baku, May 2016 –The call for applications for 2016 has been launched on May 23 and is open until June 30. For further information as well as the application form (in Azerbaijani) please access here

Fellows are busy realizing their projects

One of the most exciting periods during the Time for Development program- project realization has kicked off and fellows are busy trying to realize everything on time.

Some of them have already completed their projects and some are in the hectic process of preparation. So what's going on let's take a close look.

This year we have six extraordinary projects that will  be realized in different regions of Qazax, Shamkir, Tovuz, Khachmaz, Baku, Lankaran. Fellows from different regions are traveling to the project venue to make their ideas to come true. They are ready to overcome all the problems and their mentors, their spiritual guides are there to help them.

Project  Discover Your Potential took place in Qusar region. The project helped young people to learn more about leadership, volunteering and being socially active.Project team Tabriz, Amal, Aysel and Gunel were really happy about the project. In his facebook post Tabriz said: "The project was awesome".

Another project Art Fabric was realized in Qazax and Shamkir region village schools. The project was aimed at school children and was realized by two bright individuals Bahar and Hikmet. Main goal was to help children appreciate art and to know more about local artists. At the end children were able to make their own drawings. During the project one of the local schools was granted a bookshelf. Bahar said about the project:

“I am sad that it is over. In the beginning I was afraid that nothing will work but everybody was so supportive – kids, school teachers, directors, friends. I understand now how important are these projects for our community.”

Learn and Teach Your Rights touched upon a very important topic – family violence. Gunay, Ilgar, Khanim and Elnara did their project in Tovuz region school. There schoolchildren gained knowledge about gender equality, non violent conflict resolution and mutual respect -simple thing that we often forget. They also participated in the practical workshop done by the project. Gunay shared her thoughts about the project:

“It was a big challenge, but we managed. That was also my first experience as a trainer and I learned a lot from it. The project truly boosted my self confidence.”

Let’s not forget also the role of  mentors who were there when mentees needed them.  Namaz, Nicat, Khalig, Chichek thank you.

But that is not all, we have three more projects that will be shortly realized. Don’t forget to follow the website.

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Projects in Barda are actively continuing

Barda, September 2013 - For this year Barda was most active region with 7 participants and three projects. Another of them is Information Technologies in our villages .Took place in Ayrica, Nazirli, Kerimbeyli and Chelebiler villages of the region.  Young boys from the region were given training on basic computer skills – how to use Microsoft Office Programs – Word, Excel, Power Point. How to open email and use basic search engines. Target group of the project were young boys from villages who work in farms.  

First project in the frames of Get Started took place in Qazax

Qazax, August 2013 - Summer camp was organized for the 8-9 grade students in the region of Qazax, which is in the border with Georgia. During three days training children from different villages of Qazaz were given trainings on the topics of leadership, debating, volunteerism and active life style. The highlight of the summer camp were art-craft classes given by the project coordinator Chichek Jafarli.

Velotur in Barda

Barda, August 2013 - Velotur in Barda was a great event that gathered not only teenagers of the region but also their parents. In the beginning fellows of the project team gave training about active lifestyle and environment pollution and how more biking and less driving can help to help the earth cleaner. Then our fellows patiently worked with participants and taught those who didn’t know how to ride bicycles. The challenge was to engage girls into the process but they successfully managed it. Here you can see how Ulker Karimli - program fellow is teaching girl how to ride a bike.

Analysis of the Impact of a Community and Democracy Education Programme

Berlin, September 2013 - Joint Civic Education and its impact have been assessed by the Centre for Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg. In order to get an impression of our work and impact in the region, please find the publication of the Analysis of the Impact of a Community and Democracy Education Programme in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey here.

Joint Civic Education prepares for 2013

Berlin, December 2012 - Joint Civic Education has launched empowerment programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia (Northern Caucasus) and Turkey (Eastern Anatolia) to support young people's civic involvement and to qualify them in a way that no school or university can match. Moreover, the social leaders involved in our programs will have the chance to meet colleagues from the other countries involved and, doing so, have the opportunity to enhance their scope of action.

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