Participants of Get Started 2013

This year we have a very diverse group of fellows aged between 18 and 26. The fellows come from 8 rayons, mostly from Bərdə, Qazax and Lənkəran. 8 of them are girls and 12 are boys. The 20 fellows formed 8 project teams of which 7 will take place outside of the capital.

Target group

Our fellows, aged between 18 and 28, are (or want to become) young community activists whose lives are centered in the rayons of Bərdə, Lənkəran, Qazax and Şəmkir.

Peer education and knowledge transfer

In Get Started we build upon the experience of our fellows to develop and share best practices.

Joint Civic Education facilitates this process and provides further expertise and skills training according to the needs of our fellows.

See the following links for the general mission and methodology of Joint Civic Education.


Our alumni-fellows have the chance to receive further training within the program. Please see the following links for more information on the Mentor Program and Junior Facilitator Training.