In Time for Development our fellows together develop and implement small-scale projects focusing on social issues and related areas within their local communities.

Eight projects were prepared and implemented in summer and fall 2013.

In August 2013, Ulker from Barda organized the event Velotur. Based on the idea that more biking and less driving can help to help the earth to be cleaner, our fellow Ulker with her team gave trainings about active lifestyle and environment pollution and taught participants how to ride a bicycle.

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Coming about of the projects

After the Kick-off Meeting, the participants' team project outlines are reviewed by a jury consisting of representatives of partner organizations, alumni and external experts.

The criteria on which these projects are judged include the degree of community involvement, the relevance to solving social challenges, the nature and level of team work involved, and the ratio between resource utilization and expected results.

Participants whose project outlines are approved are offered a fellowship consisting of further capacity building, peer-mentoring and small start-up funding for implementing the projects.

The project teams further develop their ideas during the Project Meeting, following which they start the implementation phase. The program ends with a Reflection Meeting where the fellows evaluate the project's results.

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